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52 tuesdays
Director 소피 하이드 Sophie Hyde
National anthem Australia
Production day 2014
Running time 110'
Genre Drama
Infomation HD | Color | E
Participate Film Festival 8 Fiwom
Section 그대마음과만나피움
MPAA Rating 12

Screening times Theaters Showtimes Dialog Reserve
20 2014-09-27  18:20  

16-year-old Billie's reluctant path to independence is accelerated when her mother reveals plans to gender transition, limiting their time together to Tuesdays. Filmed over the course of a year - once a week, every week - only on Tuesdays, 52 Tuesdays is an emotionally charged story of desire, responsibility and transformation.

Program Note
To what extent can we understand without surprise, coming across the situation we've never expected? Billy has considered herself as an adult. When her mother revealed plans for gender transition, she just responded, "So, how long does it take?” being neither shocked or disappointed with her. What she realized was only that now she got a secret she couldn't tell her friend when she heard of it. Spending every Tuesday, her calm attitude towards her situation changes into anger, apathy, and enjoyment of dangerous games. At last, you might feel that the sentence of “Whatever you are, I love you as you are” is hot confession which has passed through so many Tuesdays. 

소피 하이드 Sophie Hyde .

소피는 도발적이며 친밀한 드라마와 다큐를 만든다. 단편영화 My Last Ten Hours with You, Elephantiasis, Necessary Games와 다큐들은 국제적인 영화제에서 널리 상영되었으며 많은 상을 받았다.

SOPHIE HYDE – DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, CO-WRITER Sophie makes provocative and intimate drama and documentary work. Her short films My Last Ten Hours with You, Elephantiasis and Necessary Games, and documentaries have screened widely at film festivals internationally and won numerous awards. In 2010 Sophie produced feature documentary Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure, which premiered at Sundance 2011. That year she also produced and co-directed the critically acclaimed feature documentary Life in Movement. Sophie was Executive Producer on projects including Stunt Love and I Want to Dance Better At Parties as well as the online sensation Wastelander Panda. She is currently a recipient of the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship.




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